Gŵyl Chwedleua Aberystwyth

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 16.34.38

illustration by Valeriane Leblond

Here’s a couple of talks I gave at the brilliant Aberystwyth Storytelling Festival last weekend (11-13 March). Such a rare opportunity to enjoy the company of professional storytellers, artists, musicians and fully-engaged audiences. I really couldn’t have managed to pull off such mad scheme anywhere else.

New Cloth From Old Thread Crowd sourcing The Fifth Branch with festival participants:

Or you can download the MP3 here, and listen at your own convenience:

New Cloth from Old Thread, Gŵyl Straeon Aber, 13.3.17

The Fifth Branch Guessing at what a fifth branch could be by following the recurring patterns and themes of the original four branches:

Or you can download the MP3 here:

A Fifth Branch, Aber Storytelling Fest, 11.3.17

Every performance at the festival was illustrated live by two artists, the resulting sketches have been uploaded onto the festival website. Take a look here, and don’t miss the next one!

There was a nice piece on the festival in the New Welsh Review:



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