New Course: Celtic Source

I’ve been putting a new course together these last few months:


Celtic Source has its own website, I’ve put together a public archive of videos for the website, covering the latest thinking in Celtic Studies which some of you may find interesting. There’s also a sample lecture you can download on the home page. Please do go and take a look.

diolch yn fawr




7 thoughts on “New Course: Celtic Source

  1. Thank you so much for this Gwilym. I was wondering if I had missed this spring’s session. I am SO looking forward to joining you.. can I spread the word? Hwyl am tro Vanya

  2. fyddain ymuno a hwn, rwyn edrych ymlaen, dechrau wythnos i dydd mercher?



  3. Gwilym, I am living breathing and walking Annwn in North Preseli and have had some amazing experiences with my friends here. Recently I have been looking for the feminine presence in this land which is so heavily imprinted with Battles and King Arthur, so i have been following the streams and the sources of them with the deep listening and the gathering of stories of all the sister streams that join Afon Nanhyfer. Last week I went to Meigan Wells with another friend .. Its an ancient site which was most powerfully experienced as a shrine with the Catholic church until the 16th century. Then it was completely destroyed .. stone from stone and anyone taking offerings by day or night would be thrown in jail. And it is still powerful. Whatever we did, which was minimal, dowsing the energy showed a rise from 3% to 70% when we left it seemed as though a great spiral of loving and healing spiralled out across the land.

    That night we both had dreams.. I was holding a radiant baby boy and then changing his nappy! later I moved away with a tall male figure who had a great serpent tattooed all over him.. and a feeling of coming home to something huge and loving… Over the next few days I thought maybe he was the Guardian of the well.. and then as I was exploring the experience with my friends perhaps the energy of the earth lines gathering there.. Then I said maybe its St Meugan.. as I said it there was this huge explosion of energy ringing like a bell throughout my body and it was so powerful my two friends looked at me in shock and said “what on earth was that !” as it filled the room.

    I am still trying to make sense of it and researching Well Maidens…. and wondering if it is related to St. Michael.. I haven’t managed to see if it has the statutory 30 pace wide Michael line there, which I imagine would have been well understood by ancient people. There are several Michael connections in the area. There is still a Meugan Fair locally on St Meugan’s day which is in November.

    I know you have Meugan places further up Wales.. and I have found that our Bedd yr Afanc story could be illuminated by the Northern story of the Afanc in the pool in the river Conwy and its removal by Hu Gadarn and his oxen up to the lake below Snowdon.. especially as one story says our Afanc was hauled up to the top of Foel Feddau (a sky burial?) and its bones brought back and buried in the grave.

    I thought it really interesting that Hu Gadarn and his oxen (spoken of in Culwch and Olwen) could have been an earlier sun God.. before the Celts brought their horses to Britain maybe the oxen pulled the great plough (or chariot of the sun?). The Beltane sunrise is aligned directly through and along the stone passage of the Bedd yr Afanc. We have several places and stones called Huan around here..

    Anyway I am writing to you because you seem to be exploring these things too though perhaps more scientifically! Do you have any thoughts or illumination on all of this from the work and experience you are involved in.. Many thanks, Vanya

    Landline: 0044(0)1239 820 598


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