What the students say . . .

“I was lucky enough to do a course on the Four Branches of the Mabinogion with Gwilym Morus-Baird. It was riveting (I have a huge interest in Welsh mythology). Dr Morus-Baird was generous and patient with my many questions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his courses to anyone.” E.J. Corbett, author.

“A fascinating perspective into the symbolic language of our ancestors, shedding new light  upon old tales and underlining the importance of narrative in our lives.” Anne Thomas, artist

“I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Comprehensive, thought provoking and always engaging, it gave me a whole new insight into the complexity of Welsh mythology and how people lived and thought in previous millennia. Gwilym made absolutely clear how to look for the different “orders of meaning” in the stories – the different levels of interpretation – and we were constantly encouraged to look for the symbolism in the tales and interpret these in order to gain deeper understandings and learn to question even further. The course gave me a far better understanding of ancient writings, and changed how I view the society and history of my adopted country.” Anne Marie Carty, film-maker.

“Ardderchog oedd y cwrs Welsh Mythology. Yr oedd y cyflwyniad yn un gwych ac fe ddysgais lawer o bethau newydd a diddorol. Heb betruso yr wyf yn gallu’i gefnogi fe.” John Good, President, Welsh League of Arizona.